Monday, 31 August 2009

Every night...EEEVERY single night...

So, since I spoke about Milla earlier, I would like to show you a peice of our daily life with our beast. Simo says in the tape that this is not every day, but it is, and he know's the truth. We call this "The Bed Dance". It something that Milla feels that she has to do every time she comes to bed. Why I'm not sure. Sometimes we're so lucky as to get two performances, when Simo comes to bed a bit after I do.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

August 29th.

This date has a special meaning to me.
It's Michael Jackson's birthday.

I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was 10 years old. I remember seeing the In The Closet music video first, and I was so disgusted by this man who was rubbing himself all over Naomi Campbell! I was so disgusted in fact, that I actually said to my friend: "I'm never gonna buy a single album of this guy! Never!"
Oh how wrong one can be...
I just couldn't avoid Michael, because when he was in Norway for the Dangerous Tour, there was a program about him on TV. I accidentally taped it, and got so fascinated my this man (who I didn't know was the same one from In The Closet), that I couldn't stop watching the program.
The day after, I had bought my first Michael Jackson poster. It' still hanging in my childhood room in Norway.

Liking something or someone different is never easy, and I discovered that, especially after 1993 when the big question was: Is Michael Jackson a pedophile or not?
And how this world works, most people like to think so. I said "like to think so". Yes, I think they actually enjoy the thought.
However, I stayed a fan still, after being teased in school, I stayed strong, and I never changed who I was for anybody.
It's ironic, because today I would like to thank the people who teased me in school for giving me a test much harder than any school can provide, the only test that I passed with A+, and certainly the most important one.
The test of character, and staying true to yourself!

To celebrate not the day Michael Jackson would have been 51, but the day he came to this world and gave us his gift, I will share a link with you, to a rare interview of Michael, by Brett Ratner. I saw it for the first time today, and it's something else. Like Michael.
Two minutes of audio first, before the image will appear, but have patience and listen closely to very wise words, and maybe if you haven't already done so, you can also pass your test.

Thank you Michael, for not taking shit from anybody!

Friday, 28 August 2009

That's NOT my daughter!

Have you seen Animal Cops on Animal Planet? Have you seen when they rescue fighting dogs? Have you seen a fighting dog?
Me neither. But apparently my dog Milla is quite a bully when her parents aren't around.

Simo's friend had Milla when we were in USA this summer. He told me that one night he was at his friend's place and they got drunk. They started to play fight. Guess who joined in! Apparantly she has started to attack Simo's friend's "enemy's" sock! So my child is quite a guard dog I've understood. A loyal friend who will an kick anyone's ass who tries to mess with her family!

A picture says more than a thousand words...

Sunday, 23 August 2009


FINALLY we got a Blu-ray player! We've been meaning to buy this for a long time, especially since I thought I could play my dearly unplayed american Zone 1 DVD's on it. We found out that actually, even Blu-ray has this idiotic system with the Zones and it makes me angry! WHY?!
I understand the French; they have a need to be different from all the rest of Europe and have a different system (I can make fun - I'm French!), but why make two different world Zones for DVD, after so many people have complained over it. I don't understand how it's positive in any way.

Anyway, we bought the Blu-ray player, and I'm glad we did. I never thought that I was really gonna see any difference in the quality of the picture, but I was completely wrong. The difference is so huge and it looks like the image is gonna come out of the TV screen and join you on the sofa! (So you can imagine how scary it was to watch Pirates of the Caribbean! Except the Jack Sparrow parts of course...)
Long live Blu-ray! Seriousely, let it stay for a while...

Friday, 21 August 2009


Today I saw a 15 minute sneak preview. Simo works for FS Film here in Helsinki, so he get all that kinda goodies, like premiere tickets, sneak previews and free films. YAY! So I had no idea what to expect. And I can safely say that I still don't have any idea what to expect.
I thought it would be more of a mixture of real life cinema and animation, but it seemed more animation to me. Also, I thought it would be sci-fi, but it seemed more fantasy. I think I would like it when I see the whole story and the meaning of it all, but now it was a bit dissapointing. The dialogue with the animation seemed more like a children/teen film, with a female character with a weird (I guess sexy) accent and VERY skimpy clothes. They JUST covered her private parts, but as soon as we saw her sideways, we could see her nipple...interesting.

This better be good, James!

Back to work!

So the summer is officially over. I had my first work week after a very long (but not long enough) and nice summer holiday.
I am working in a different kindergarden than before. I have been there many times, as I am under a company, being the one kindergarden "teacher" there who goes between 4 places, which ever needs me at the moment. I like it that way - I get to meet different people and some variation in my work.

I have also been painting a lot this week. I have to paint for two upcoming exhibitions. One of them is in Norway and there is a jury that elects the paintings they want in the exhibition, so I hope I will be part of it. But I only have a bit more than a week to finish a painting, so I don't have much time for anything else. I guess you can say that I work two jobs right now.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

My Meaning of Life.

The other day I found "The meaning of life." Or to be correct - MY meaning.
We all have a different one, and we all have a different way or experiencing our crazy world. Some people never find their meaning of life. Some people don't think they have one. I found mine, and I feel really good.
I can't tell anyone how to find theirs, since we are all different.

A few days ago I had a really bad day. I'm talking about really bad. I was alone that day, after a pretty normal day or drawing, all the negative thoughts that could possibly fit into my head found me. They took control of me, and I could not get it together.
I was angry with the world, and all it's crazyness. I was angry that I coulnd't be safe on this planet that we call "home". If it's home, why can't I feel safe there?

Suddenly, I found a thought that stopped my negative feelings. A thought that has completely changed me since then. That thought made me accept the world and many of the people in it for what it is, eventhough I might not feel it's right.
I haven't felt this calm in a long time. It's fantastic. I can focus and cope with what I need to do.

If you ever find that special thought that changes you - keep it. Don't let it just float into the others.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Stop teasing my pal!

My grandmother has bought a new cabin. It's very nice, by a lake and it even comes with a boat. I've never been a big cabin person. I don't know, maybe I've just seen too many horror films taken place at a cabin, who knows?
But a few days ago I went with dad to check out the new cabin, and to my surprise I actually liked it.
Our dog, Jackie, went straight to the water and kept a good eye on the ducks coming in to get fed by us. She is a bird dog after all, so I would say she did a pretty good job. We noticed that in the beginning there was only one duck coming to us. We fed it for a while until more showed up, wanting a piece of the cake too.
But the other ducks started chasing the first duck, and the first one had to all the time make sure that she had time to go and grab a quick breadbite before the others noticed it and started chasing her again. I felt so sorry for the first duck that I hid behind a tree trying to throw only to her. I went close to where she was, outside the gang of the other ducks. But of course the other ducks noticed me and came greedily towards me, while chasing the first duck away. The whole situation must have looked pretty hilarious, with me jumping up and down screaming to the other ducks, -"Assholes! Get away from my duck! Stop teasing my pal!"

The interesting part was that the fist duck had to keep away from the rest, but while the rest swam stupidly around just quacking, the first duck actually made sure that she could get some food by coming to the edge and take the rest of the bread that the others had overlooked.
I guess that even in nature it is the the ones that are picked on that usually use their head...

Monday, 3 August 2009

The story of Omer Bhatti...

For me, who has grown up in Norway, it's so absurd and almost funny how the world is now speculating if Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson's 4th child.
He is not.

Omer is a Norwegian-Pakistani boy who grew up in Norway, entertaining as a child as a Michael Jackson impersonator. A fantastic dancer and really down to earth, he charmed Norway. When he was 12 (I think) he met Michael by pure chance when he danced infront of his hotel in Prague (if I remember correctly) when he was there to see the HIStory concert. Michael arrived at the hotel, and the fans knocked Omer down. Michael saw it and saved Omer from the fans almost killing him. After that they became friends.
Things like this actually happen, and that is the story (more or less, I'm sure). THAT is why Omer kinda looks like Michael, he is not his son.
I don't know where Joseph Jackson gets his information from, and it's really strange that he goes to the media and says that Omer is Michael's child.
Even Omer says that he is not Michael's son.