Sunday, 31 January 2010

At least I'm goin' down with style!

So it's official. Age is coming. Every day. I actually started to find gray hair when I was 18, but after I cut my hair short and got back my real colour I realized how many they are!
Like I said earlier I had to do an eye test and found out that I needed glasses for reading, wathcing TV and detailed art work and so on.
I love my new glasses! Some people think they look a bit big, but I actually like that, because they don't hide my eyes like som many others did. I also love the light colour on them. I feel the difference already eventhough it's very little.
I tried SO many glasses and in he end I fell for these Dior ones. At least I'm goin' down with style!

Making of: Padme's Packing Gown.

I haven't written on this blog for a while, and one of the reasons for it is exactly this...I'm making this costume.
I'm making it for a Model Expo event here in Helsinki, and I'm getting a lot of much needed help with it which is great.
I've always loved Natalie Portman's character Queen/Senator Amidala's costumes, and I think Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (Episode 2) has the best ones for her. This is my absolute favourite costume for her from all the films and so I'm very glad to be working on it.
Right now I'm working on the front hand stitched piece on the vest, and I've come quite far with it. I think I will be able to finish it this week.
Check it out:

Monday, 25 January 2010

And...who are you?

FOr a while I've been really tired in my eyes. I haven't felt like I could see details very well when I sew or paint, and I get a headache easily.
So today I went to the eye doctor to do a vision test, and as I thought, I need reading glasses. The doctr said that I don't have to wear them all the time, but the more I wear them the better of course. Since it's sale everywhere right now I bought a pair of very nice Dior glasses that will be ready for me in about a week.
Let's see (literally) if I can get used to this...

Sunday, 10 January 2010

No worries!

This is not my new look on the blog - relax. I just put this in right now because, quite frankly I'm BORED (as if this new background will change that) and the christmas backround doesn't fit anymore.
I will try to force Simo to help me to make the new header and look next weekend.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Blogging in Norway.

I don't know much about blogging really. Actually, I don't think theres that much to know about the "art". One of the reasons why I started to blog over a year ago, was that my friend Vana (picture under this entry) told me I should do it. The REAL reason why I started was because I wanted to create a dialogue and practise my writing.
I don't follow many blogs, I have some on blogspot that I follow. Every day when I go to the internet sites of the Norwegian "newspapers", or...maybe tabloids is better to call them, I see a blond young face talking about her blog. In Norway bloggers that are read a lot have gotten star status. We have a blog site called where most norwegian bloggers have their blogs. The one that is on the top 5 list there get the celebrity status, pretty much like an actor. Maybe this is because Norway has a sad handfull of actors? I don't know.
I have looked at all these "famous" blogs in Norway, just to see what the people want to read about. You can't get away from the fact that most of these bloggers are young blond girls under 18, taking about clothes, partying and their terrible experiences in their life. They have short blog entries, so that they can post as many as possible during the day, from 5 to 7. They usually don't talk about anything in particular. There is not a single blogger on the top 10 list that is ugly, and most of their pictures are very sexy myspace-posing pictures.

There was one GOOD blog out in Norway written by a girl called Regine who was going to die from cancer. This was the only one who gave some insight in REAL life and death and what matters. That blog became the most read one for a while. Regine was happy, because that meant that she could tell people about cancer and what they could to to help. If she wouldn't have gotten cancer, nobody would have known her blog.
Now that Regine had died just before christmas, the number one blog is again written by a girl of 14 years of age.

I wonder if this is everywhere or if Norway is unique for this? If anybody has experiences with this post a message (remember that it has to be "OK"-ed by me first, so don't fret. =) ).

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Finding old friends and treasures.

Like I said earlier, this christmas I've really met a lot of friends that I haven't seen in a while. It's difficult when you live in another country and your family and friend are in Norway. I'm usually only home in the summer and christmas, and it's surprisingly difficult to find times that suits all.
After new years eve I went to Oslo with a friend to shop a bit and stay at her place and we met my old friend from art school; Vana and her boyfriend as well. Vana is a fun girl who loves life and she just can't help but being a visible personality. I love that! Refreshing!

My friend Hege and I went to her place after that and just chilled. After cleaning my place the day before and going on a treasure hunt for old Michael Jackson stuff from my childhood, we took a look at her vinyl albums and singles that she also has collected over the years. We found some funny ones that had writing on them. One with The Jackson 5 has "lipstick on the boys and says "Granpa has called!" in Norwegian:

The other one by Michael Jackson called "Farewell My Summer Love" had a personal message from the giver to the reciever:

The day after we met another friend, and I took a shot at calling a friend I hadn't seen in 14 years to check if she would be up for a meeting. She was and I had a great time. Also found an Ed Hardy warehouse sale and bought two hoodies, a set of pants matching one of them and a t-shirt. And I was SO dissapointed I didn't find anything the days before...


...oh yes! And get a new look for the blog! (Yes Simo, you heard me.)

Happy new year!

A little bit late...but happy new year!
I had a little get together with some friends on new year eve, and we took it pretty cool, so nope, no crazy drunkeness pictures here!
I DID have a VERY cool dress on though, and eventhough I told people that "Noooo...this fake posing picture is not for my blog at aaall..." of course I lied, so here you go.
I think Henrik knew and I just heard him mumble: "Damn blogpeople"!

So I wrote a bit about my goals for 2009 last january, and this is how it went...
I actually acheived the look and health that I wanted, eventhough I'm not completely finished with it yet (especially not after christmas...). I feel like I have lots of energy!
I've painted quite a lot in 2009 and I did actually try a lot of new stuff like I wanted to. In 2010 I will go even furter I hope.
I haven't been as good as I wanted with training Milla last year, but I'll make it up to her!
I've worked for my goals in life, but not hard enough, and I guess it's ALWAYS an ongoing process...
I've kept up with friend and actually I've met many that I haven't seen for years this christmas! I met an old friend that I haven't seen for 14 years and it was like that gap had never excisted.

What I want to do this year is to continue on all the ones above, and try to not stress to much about time...I ALWAYS know that the time is, and espcially now that I bought a new fine-looking watch!