Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Long live The Force!

Last weekend I was part of my first Star Wars trooping at the Model Expo in Helsinki, Finland. The costume that I was making with a lot of help from "Ventress" and "Obi-Wan" got finished JUST in time, and I got to wear it with pride.
I tured out really good!

When we got there on saturday it was so early, but we needed to because the costume would take a while to put on - especially the hair! Simo came for support as well.
It was so much fun to see how the children (and adults) reacted when they saw their favourite Star Wars characters and of course Darth Vader stole the show!
We had some troopers from Poland coming over to join us as well, and eventhough we stood there taking pics with kids for a good cause - UNICEF for two days and about 18 hours, it was completely worth it and so much fun!

(Thanks for the pics Tiia!)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Springtime, oh Springtime...!

It was wonderful to come home from Thailand and discover that SPRINGTIME is here! The sun was shining in the so ever blue sky, birds were singing and I think I even saw a few flowers popping up. This is one thing I like about the North of Europe - we have 4 seasons, and eventhough the winter is dark and long, it is always worth it when the spring comes. But I am not the only one getting happy in spring, and the scandinavian desperation comes in all it's glory pretty much as soon as the snow STARTS to melt! In march already, when it was still a few minus degrees, I saw the springs first shorts and sandals. The guy looked like he was comfortable with his choice and I think I was the only one who reacted to this very early summer clothing. Yesterday when it was freezing cold for some reason and all my workmates and I were shivering with our hardcore kindergarden outside clothes a young girl with a t-shirt and a miniskirt walked by and looked at us as we were aliens.
Another thing that you can't get away from in springtime in Scandinavia is the SITTING.
People find that they really like to sit. Sit everywhere, on the grass, on the pavement, hell, why not sit in the middle of the floor in shopping rushtime in the biggest mall in town? The important thing is that you have the possibility to sit now, and by God, as the free humanbeing that you are, YOU SHALL SIT!

And speaking of sitting, did I mention that I SAT on pee from a springtime-drunk on the bus today...?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Working weekends!

So Model Expo is coming up soon, which means that my Star Wars Padme costume should be ready for it. Last weekend I stayed at my friend's place and worked on it and almost got the front peice of the vest finished at least. Tomorrow I'm meeting them again and we'll continue. We'll see how it goes. This is the progress so far:

Some pictures from Thailand!

As I already promised you, here you have some of the best pictures from our Thailand trip!

Friday, 9 April 2010

There and back again...!

After a looong (and babyandswedes-dramatic) flight back to Finland, I'm finally sitting in my appartment. It's nice to be home again and to see Milla.
I have lots of new energy and ready to start on things again. Already now I'm on my way to some friends house to work on my Star Wars costume and hopefully get lots of things done.

Since all the photos that I posted here from Thailand so far was from Simo's iPhone (since I forgot to bring the cable for my camera) I will post some more nice ones here maybe on sunday.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Fish and elephants!

Yesterday we went shopping at Karon Beach. We didn't buy much to at least MY surprise, but we had a good dinner there. We were so tired when we came back that we went to "our" massage place so that I could try the Fish Therapy and also for a foot massage.
For some reason they threw themselves over my feet and let Simo hanging, maybe because he has the therapy a few days before. It doesn't hurt, eventhough I must admit I was nervous first; it feels like when your foot is asleep basically. It tickles.

Today we went on something I've been looking forward to: Elephant trekking in the jungle! We took the 1 hour trip and was not dissapointed even by the elephant who was extreemely lazy and hungry. All it wanted to do was to eat the branches in the jungle, but the guide took those oppurtunities to show us rubber trees, and how rubber comes dripping out from them when cutting in them.
After the trip we got to feed the huge animal and pet it, and he was very happy. And so were we.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Ladyboys, breasts and more beaches!

On friday Simo and I had a relaxing day again without much program. We went to Kata Noi, Simo's favourite beach here and hung out for a looong time (at least for me). I read my Terry Pratchett book "Nation" and Simo his magazine and took a dip now and then. Simo had fun with breasts floating in and out of the water again, and it's safe to say that it would have been a delicious "titsoup" if it wasn't for all the fake ones...
ANYWAY - we went to see REAL fake ones in the evening when we went to the famous "Ladyboy" show "Simon Cabaret". I was the one who wanted to go actually, since I think the Ladyboy phenomenon is a typical Thai thing and has to be seen.
The songs were great and so was the costumes and show in general, but the miming was embarrasing as it looked as if they had NO idea what they were singing, but I'm not sure if it was meant to be.
The women - eh, MEN were so beautiful that I started doubting my own womanhood after the show, and I found it hard to believe that these sexy women that would make Beyonce hide in shame, had once been men. And of course; having Simo next to me whispering "That's NOT a man! That's NOT a man!" over and over again in denial, made me wonder as well.

Yesterday we went on a trip again; this time to Raya Island. The island wasn't far from here, only 30 minutes away, so we had lots of time on the island which was great. Unfortunately, we had to be seated next to a huge Swedish family on the boat, who had to constanty shout when they spoke and scream/laugh extreemely loud at nothing to show us all how happening and social they were. However, when a foreigner (that means a non-swedish person in Phuket) spoke to them they barely answered.
When we got to island we snorkeled a bit, but it was too many "sealice" there that stung me, so it wasn't a good place I thought. We had lunch at a great restaurant that served the best food so far on any trip we've been to. When the time to relax at the beach came, we decided to go to the one next to the main one, to get away from all the people (and Swedes). It went through a littlebit of a hill and jungle before coming to some bungalows and a bar by the beach. The place was beautiful and had almost no people, eventhough it was bigger that the main beach. Of course the Swedes managed to find this place also, trying to be smart, not realizing we got there to try to get away from THEM! We soon realized that the beach was big enough for a Norwegian/French person, Finnish person and a bunch super tanned and crispy Swedish people, so it didn't matter.
Yet a wonderful day!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

A backbreaking day!

Yesterday was a relaxing day. We didn't have any plans really, so we just went to the mall here to buy some things. We ate at a sushi restaurant which we have been meaning to eat at since we came here. They had really good sushi, and some new things I hadn't tried before.

Today we went to the island Koh Phi Phi. I didn't know what to expect really, but I think it was busier and more touristy that I thought.
Before arriving to the main island called Koh Phi Phi Don, we came to the smaller of the two; Koh Phi Phi Ley, a much smalles island that doesn't have a settlement. What's interesting there though, is that is home to the beach that is THE Beach from the film...; "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio. The location is stunning, but all the tourists desperate to get a photo shot whithout another tourist in it destroyes the beauty of the place.

After flashing our white bodies, frowning and wondering what to do in this beautiful place (after Simo found out that the only good thing to do after swimming there was to get a beer) we continued to Monkey Bay to see the monkeys jump around in trees attatched to the rock of the island. We arrived at the main island; Kih Phi Phi Don and had a good lunch there before walking around in the streets taking in the culture. We saw a few nice art galleries, and I saw a pianting that I REALLY wanted to buy, but found out that I can pretty much paint a similar one myself if I wanted to...
We ended up on the beach looking at proud boobies that kiiinda don't want to be looked at but just CANNOT be with a bikini top on...

When we came back to Phuket today Simo decided to take something called Fish Therapy. It's basically small fish swimming all around while you put your feet into their tank. Then they will go on your feet and eat all the dead skin.
I took a head, back, arms and shoulder massage, and got a bit shocked when all I thought I had to do was to lay still, but ended up doing acrobatic positions with a thai woman I hardly knew...I thought I was gonna die a couple of times as she pushed with all her strength on my back, but I felt so good afterwards (and still alive!) that both Simo and I got lured into another massage; this time foot and leg massage. It was fantastic, and my legs has completely stopped itching from the mosquito bites now. Yay! Jung ting tong (= stupid mosquito in Thai)!