Saturday, 31 July 2010


We went to see the new film with Leonardo Di Caprio called "Inception" yesterday.
I expected it to be great, but in the beginning I was confused to say the least. I was fascinated, but I wasn't exactly sure of what I was looking at.
At the end of the film though I felt like it was one of the best films that I have seen for a LONG time.
The film wasn't scary but had a feel to it that made you question everything at the same time, and some of the effects definately made me want to leave the seat.
But I couldn't.
If you can, go and see it right away.

After a nice drink in the center, we went on the bus home. Since I've been away, I didn't have my bus card as usual and payed cash 2,50 Euros. I was in the back of the bus and Simo came to join me after he payed.
Suddenly, the busdriver screams at us and we go back to him. I had payed with a Thai coin instead of a 2 euro coin (they look almost identical). We checked our wallets and none of us had any money so we said that we could leave.
Then the driver says "I can't undo the ticket! Thanks a LOT!" and throws the ticket as hard as he can on the counter.
Ah, you gotta love'em busdrivers who hate their jobs...

Home again.

I've had a great summer.
The beginning was very busy, in Paris being a tourist and all. When I came to Norway I swore that I was gonna "use my time wisely" - paint and write and not waste a single free moment.
That's not what I needed. I needed to do NOTHING, and just relax. Problem is that I can get really stressed by it. It feels good now though, and I feel ready to take on life again.

The whole family went to visit my aunt and uncle the weekend before I came home to Finland. We don't see them often, so it was really nice. It's beautiful in the summer where they live.

I got the time to organize around the house a littlebit when I got back home and of course Mammy and I took up the challenge of cleaning the whole attic in Norway, the way we did in Finland and threw TONS of things. I found so many weird things up there, and a few things I kept from my childhood. I'm a good thrower though, and had to help Mammy to get rid of most of it.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Shoes blues!

My littlebrother Henrik's shoes has been singin' the blues for a looong time.
They've just been ripped apart - emotionally and psychologically ever since they were removed from their home in Los Angeles a year ago.
The Norwegian climate and spirit never entered their soles, and they just hit rock bottom. They can never really recover, and because of that, they have been replaced.

They have brought nothing but insanity with them. But on this blog, I can assure them that they'll never die. They have their place in history.
(Did I say "insanity"? I meant the shoes. Not me. I'm completely normal.)

(Even my new fly shoes couldn't bring them back to normal...)

Friday, 16 July 2010

When dreams get you down...

I woke up today from a really weird dream. One of those that are a bit depressing, and that can put a black cloud on the rest of your day.
Right before I woke up, I cried in the dream, and when I woke up I had tears in my eyes. That happens actually often, especially if the dream is about death.
I think this dream was about being depressed somehow, and now I'm FREAKIN' DEPRESSED!
I think I actually need to be social today, but the problem is when it seems that almost everybody you know is living somewhere else, and your bestfriend has just left on holiday I'm like; WHAT SHALL I DO?!
Well, I DO have some friends left here, but maybe I should stick to just me today...many people say that I need to just relax some days and be alone and do NOTHING.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Godaughter does Thriller!

Man, I love my Godaughter! =D

I love how the scary teeth can be seen under "Michael". The whole thing is scary!

Fiesta or siesta?

Yesterday I went out with four friends of mine to see a local concert. It's called "Urbane Totninger" and it's basically making fun of the type of people that live on "Toten", the part of Norway where I've grown up.
I didn't know what to expect, since I've been living out of Norway for quite a while, and I must say that with my french roots, I might not exactly be quite the "totning" I should...
I was really surprised when I found myself crying of laughter through pretty much the whole show, and understanding every bit of humour that was placed infront of me.
If anything, I felt like a proud "totning" leaving the show.

After that we all went back to my friend place and saw the World Cup finale.
I'm not a huge football person, but I do enjoy watching sports in general if there's special events. However, I found this match extreemely boring, apart from some dramatic kicks in chests and so on.
I think my eyes have been flashing yellow today after seeing so many yellow cards on the screen yesterday...

Friday, 9 July 2010


Why I'm not sure, but for some reason I get sleepless every summer holiday. It's like an unwritten selftorture rule that I can't get away from. Were I supposed to be punished now, since I slept so well and so long last night?
It's 08.50 in the morning and I'm gonna get up in a few minutes to get ready for the day. I am going to the center to shop today before Ann-Iren and I will go out on a night on the town later.
I haven't slept a single second tonight. Last night. What the heck, I'm not even sure what it is right now. Day? Night?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A visit to the amusement park!

Yesterday, Ann-Iren, her daughter Victoria and I went to the main amusement park in Norway, called "Tusenfryd". Tusenfryd is nice, it's on a hill outside Oslo, and get new attractions pretty often. However, it's overpriced, like most amusement parks, and especially after being in Disneyland so many times.
Disneyland has that kind of thing that you get spoiled by it, no other amusement park will ever be the same after you've been to Disneyland - what a luxury problem.

So we were quite stressed about having a lot of time in the park and so we decided leave home early so we would be there when it opened. That means a roadtrip of two hours. When we arrived we went straight to the wooden rollercoaster - the biggest in Scandinavia (and in the Asterix park I took the biggest in Europe), and to all the classic tivoli rides. The "Viking ship" - a boat that rocks back and forth usually makes me sick, but it went all right this time.
Theres a ride there that was new to me called "Speed Monster". It was cool, a rollercoaster that went pretty fast all over the entrance of the park and quite high (since the place in it self is high...) with twists and turns all over. The really sudden start reminded me of Disney Studio's Rock'n'Rollercoaster.
Oops, back to Disneyland comparing!

Ann-Iren got her kicks out of trying to win pretty much the WHOLE park, and she won a couple of cool gangsta Michael Jackson style fedora hats in plastic - one orange and one pink. Victoria wanted the pink and was SURE that Michael use to wear a pink fedora, but I think I can pretty much swear that he never did in his adult life...(?)
Victoria won a huge stuffed worm-animal and Ann-Iren a little Yoshi from Super Mario. I never win anything, eventhough I must admit that I didn't try that hard.
There was a few new rides there that we didn't have the guts to try out.
One of them was called "Spin Spider" and was terrifying to just LOOK at! The daredevils that took it sat in and outward ring that was the end of a sort of HUGE pendulum. Then it started to swing and went so high it almost went around! I've never heard so much screaming from a ride ever and lets just say that the people looked more abused than amused when it was over.

The other new thing was the ghost house. Now it's called "Nightmare" and apparantly very popular already. I don't like ghosts houses, the only one I like is in DISNEYLAAAAND and is that kind that you sit in seats that move around. The ones where you walk through I can't trust for some reason. So in the end we never took that EITHER.
Eventhough we had been really stressed about the time and not having enough of it before we went there, all 3 of us ended up being ready to leave 3 hours before we thought we would. It's not a huge place, so we had seen what we wanted to see and taken what we wanted to take and left around 16.00
We had a great time though, and eventhough the entrancefee is overpriced, if you're a real daredevil, it's probably worth it!

From the big city to the small town.

I'm in Norway now. I've been here for over a week and I'm just taking it easy.
I notice that I really need it and it seems like my mind and spirit is basically on SLOW drive.
I've been hanging with my best friend Ann-Iren most of the time, since she's leaving for her holiday next week and we don't have that much time. Stress about everything, right?
I've been with dad to our "new" (OK, we've had it for about a year, but it's still new to me...) cabin by the lake, and he showed me the boat that came along with it. We took a boat trip all around the water, and who knows, maybe I'll invite some friends for a boardgame night there this summer.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Some tips about Paris.

To me, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It could be because I love art that I love this city as well, because whereever you go your pretty much in a museum.
However, Paris is also the place that can stress me the most.
I noticed now when I was there that the last days I spent there, I was irritated, stressed and just plain tired. Sure, I had much that I was doing there, it wasn't a holiday all the time, and the noises of the city can really get to my super sensitive ears (yes, I have been to a doctor about my ears. I have super hearing. Kinda like Superman. You dig?).

If Im gonna give you some tips about Paris, I would say to WALK!
The best way to see Paris is to walk where you're going, avoid taking the Metro if you can. And nomatter how big Paris seems, if you're in the center there's really plenty to see all the time. You won't think about the walking before you go to bed with sore feet.

Try French food, like froglegs or snails! Don't worry, they won't eat you - you eat THEM!

Beware of LOTS of beggars, especially on the places you probably would go; the tourists places like Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame and around the Seine.
Theifs and beggars have many tricks, beware of some of them:

A woman will come to you with scarf on her head and a long skirt, asking if you speak english. Say no. If you say yes, they will shove a peice of paper in your hand explaining how they need money. This is organized.

Someone will pick up a goldring and claim you lost it. Just walk by and say no. If you start looking at it they will say you have to pay money to her because she found it, or she will claim that she cant wear it because of her religion. After a while she will be stuck on you trying to get money, and sometimes there is a second person who will come and make the situation very difficult, or even steal from you while you're trying to get the other person away from you.

Someone speaking very good english and even look just like a tourist will tell their whole life story and how she/he needs money to get back home. This is a scam and you can tell them to go to their embassy for help.

Someone (so far only men have been noted) at the metro will approach you when you're trying to buy a weekticket from a machine and claim that the machine doesn't take creditcards from any other country than France. THIS IS NOT TRUE. All machines take international cards.
If you buy his story, he will say that if you pay him 50 euros he can buy the ticket for you with his card. He will buy a single day ticket for about 1,60 euro and give it to as a week ticket and keep the 50 euros you gave him.

If you have any trouble, the word "police" usually get them on their way. Be firm and ignore them or say no.
If you want to give some change that you have, the people that really need it might be the person playing an instrument in the metro halls, the 70 years old couple entertaining with marionettes or simply the person who sits there with a cup, whitout ever approaching you.

P.s. I walked down Champs Elysees on monday and saw a beggar sitting there. On tuesday I noticed something new in her. She had overnight become 9 months pregnant!