Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Desucon 6 Day 2!

The second day of Desucon was a bit more relaxing since we didn't really have a shedule except which times we should be in the stands and have our photos taken.
Simo and Henrik came and helped out, but actually most of the time we got stuck in the audience of a Cosplay competition. Very interessting whith lots of amazing costumes!

The only thing you have to fear when you're on one of these kinds of things, is the variety of weapons you might encounter. Most of them are pretty harmless and made of safe materials, but that doesn't mean that they can't hurt.
Also, not all people have the same amount of respect for our costumes. A fellow trooper got hit pretty hard in the helmet and while somebody was talking to me about my costume her friend suddenly decided to punch me in side of the head. Maybe she wanted to check if my hair protected my head or something. It didn't.

Desucon 6 Day 1!

One of the many things that I have been looking forward to, coming to Norway, was Desucon. It's a convetion that is every year in Oslo, and I haven't been a part of it before this year. It was different from any other convention that I've been to before, because most people attanding it is in costume, and it's a lot of manga, games etc. The big deal is Cosplay.

The day started early eventhough the doors didn't open before 12. Luckily Henrik came with me since I had no idea where it was held and quite frankly, the streets of Oslo mostly confuses me.
Anyway, after getting the costume in I noticed more and more that it was warmer than usual, and the fact that the place in itself had many corridoors and rooms didn't make it better. I didn't know that I was building up a fever, and managed the day quite well.

I also agreed a few days before the convetion to be autioned away (for charity) for a dance and a little date. Darth Vader would do the same and they needed someone for the guys also. I must admit I was a bit nervous, and seeing countless guys wearing bags over their heads with holes cut our for the eyes, scary masks and even full body furry costumes it didn't exactly help. But I was glad to have a very nice date in the end.

The auction part of it was a bit nervevrecking though, as I had to stand by and watch Darth Vader getting more and more bids. In the end he was autioned away for 500 camels. Then it was my turn. Since the girls in general screamed more than the guys, I didn't have very high hopes after Vader's auction was quite vocal from hundred of "fans". My auction went pretty silent (with one "Padme I love you", I believe), but I went for 800 camels! That was about 750 camels more than I expected!

With our dates.

In the evening we decided to go out and eat after a good troop.

2 AMJ.

It's been two years since Michael Jackson died last saturday. I was lucky to have a busy day and not much time to think about it, but still he is always in my heart and thoughts.
I still have difficulty believing that he's gone, not to mention why. It hasn't made me a bigger fan, I already had 4 tickets for the This Is It concerts when he died.
I will continue to celebrate his life for what it was; magic, and mourn the terrible day on June 25th 2009.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bicycle weirdos!

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Yes, that's all very fine and dandy, but you would you please try NOT TO KILL ME?!
Lately I've felt like the bicycle people of Helsinki has been on a mission to try to terminate my life.
I can see the steam rising from their bodies as they wait on the other side, getting high by the knowledge that soon, very soon they will cross that road. And there's a human being on the other side. Eyes flickering of excitement, squinting up towards the lights, one foot one the pedal and the other foot on the ground to keep the balance.
I am standing on the left side, where it is my right to stand, on the pedestrian field. So are they. They have a big area for bicycles to use, but they're not.
It's a battlefield.
It's a mystery.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dangerous video unlocked!

Here is the video fron friday's dance lesson. Apparently Google doesn't let us upload videos here anymore, so I had to upload them through my Youtube account.

Dangerous dance course.

On friday it was time again for something I had been looking forward to for a while: Michael Jackson dance course. We continued with "Dangerous" from HIStory tour Munich 1997 performance and we put all the bits and peices together to form a longer routine. I must say we nailed it and it's so much fun! I will practise for next time and hopefully eventually we'll learn the whole dance.
We were not as many as last time, probaby because of the timing, but actually it was kinda nice as we got much more space and maybe we learned a bit faster also.

After the course a group of us went out to eat at a Thai food restaurant and then for a beer. I had a great evening, and I hope there will be much more courses in the future.

I have a video, but because of the problem right now with uploading it, I will upload it later when it's solved.

Problems uploading videos.

The reason why I haven't written her in a while is that I have some promblems with Blogger right now. For some reason I can't upload vidoes, I just get a error and a number that I should send to "The Administration", but there is no administration - at least that I can find and contact. If any of you out there has a blog here and can help me, I would be very thankful.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Perfect weekend for a visit!

I haven't been blogging for a while, 'cause I've been busy. Actually. In the real world. Detail: when a blogger blogs ALL the time about different things means that they're not busy. When it's quiet, they are.

Anyways, I've had a really nice visit from my family in Norway. My aunt and uncle came here for the first time and I was a bit nervous. But I got the beautiful weather I ordered and they loved it here. On saturday we walked around in the center sighseeing before ending a perfect day with perfect food at a Mexican restaurant.

On sunday we had lunch on a sightseeing boat with Simo's family as well. It was really nice and we saw places that I never dreamed of. The lunch buffet was good too! We decided to go to the main beach here in Helsinki after the trip, and eventhough I thought it was freezing still, my granmother and uncle actually swam! We had a great weekend, and I can't wait to go to Norway now!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Summer in Finland.

On saturday we went on a trip to the mainland to eat at a really cozy cafe. We had smoked salmon with vegetables and eventhough I'm not a huge fish-lover I DID love this one!

After the delicious meal we investigated the area, and if almost felt like another time. So quiet. I almost got tempted to move to a house there for sale. ALMOST.
In the evening we played Carcassonne again and just relaxed. Wonderful. But it sure is nice to get back to Helsinki too.

First trip of the summer.

I'm back from a nice long weekend at Simo's family's summer cottage.
We arrived on thursday and though I was planning to DO all these things (why do I always do that?), it was so nice to relax and just enjoy the good weather. We made tacos and played Carcassonne for hours (a really cool board game).