Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My little art corner.

I paint in out livingroom, so sometimes it can look a bit cluttered in our place. But it's a cozy little corner, and I like to be able to talk to Simo if I want and listen to music and even have the TV on. For now it'll have to do.

As you might know, I'm part of an art exhibition in september, and I'm painting like a crazy person to be able to finish it time. My goal is to finish the painting at the end of this weekend.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Yesterday I had a great time celebrating what would have been Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday - two days early (it's the 29th of August).
I went to the gym in the early morning before I met a friend at the food store by chance. We went together to the harbour to meet up with the rest of the fans and head over to Suomenlinna, an island in Helsinki. We had all bought some snacks and drink, but it didn't take long before we discovered that we needed MORE and headed to the store on the island, and ended up with more than we could eat.

One girl had even baked a MJ cake that looked great! However, seeing that all the goodies slowly started to melt in the beautiful weather wehad to try to eat in a hurry. We stayed there for a while, and went for a stroll on the island as well. It has very high tourist factor and when it's a beautiful day like we had yesterday, it's a must for people who haven't been to Helsinki.
We ended up going to the hotel of some fans after that before we went to Memphis to eat.
My food wasn't great I have to say...I had ordered steak with wok and shrimps, but the steak didn't taste anything really and the wok was too salty, and the shrimps didn't have anything else than pepper on them. But the pecan cheese cake I ate for dessert was GREAT!

After the restaurant, we went to Molly Malone to dance and have a good time. It sure was crowded and hot, and after going through the place for what seemed like an eternity, we came to the end of the club, a place I didn't even know existed, eventhough I've been there many times.
We were there for a while, bumping into most people around us, and at some point I realized that I seemed to bump into a person behind me quite often. More than normal I would say. And not the whole body, which is usual, but only the butt. Hm.
So I turn around and see that this guy is not just dancing, but searching for butts to bump into! Obviousely with some sort of butt-fetish, he stuck his ass out and hoped for the best, glancing behind him from time to time scouting for butts and started navigating towards them.
After trying to avoid him I discovered the only way to deal with it, and I started dancing this crazy african inspired ass shaking dance, smashing into his butt! I think I scared him, 'cause he seemed to slowly dissapear from our butt-zone.

I had a great night out! Thanks MJ-girls!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Root'n toot'n saturday!

This weekend was great! A friend of mine from work and her boyfriend had their joint birthday party that Simo and I went to.
It started out at a restaurant where we had raindeer pasta and a really nice time with new (and old) friends.
My biggest concern was the fact that we were supposed to GO to a night club after the dinner to DANCE. I had put on my fabulous shoes - but had forgotten that there is no life in those shoes without Compeed (yes, here you have some commercial)! Of course I already realized this on the way to the restaurant, but what to do? I managed to avoid every single crack between the cobble stones, and altough Simo carried me (yes) a tiny bit, I arrived in an almost elegant fashion.
They had rented a few tables in a part of the nightclub. Obviousely I was sitting most of the time, but I had to move pretty fast as some middle aged women stared to dance on OUR table. Apparently it's a "thing" there that just HAS to happen, but I knew what WOULD happen in time. And right enough - BANG! Fist women on the floor. Thankfully, not on me. We decided to move after they placed their drinks right above our heads on a shelf. That just couldn't end well.
I encountered a pool of puke in the toilet sink also, and I realize that I have to get out more, concidering that I got really shocked. But I DID have a really nice time out.

R.I.P. Jackie.

Our dear family dog Jackie died last thursay. She was old and loved. In our family our animals ARE family. She will be missed, the greatest and proudest hunting dog ever.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stereotypical Facebook friends.

We all have them. Most of us are one (or more) of them. And if you have many of them that you don't see any point of having, how long would it take you to delete them? If you would.
Some of these examples happened to me, and some of them my (real) friends have told me about. For example "The old idiot" and "The hopeful bride or groom" a friend of mine experienced.

You usually talk to this person quite often, and they gladly contact you. This is a person you spend time with "in the real world" and that you might share several hobbies with.

When you find this friend on Facebook, or they find you, you're like "YES!" and you're SO happy to finally build back an old friendship. But as time goes on, and the first conversations has long ago gone flat, you're starting to realize that you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Sometimes you experience that you are the one taking contact and you haven't found any response that suggest that they're really interessted in you.

A person that you really have no desire to know, but you added them anyway. Maybe they have been mean to you in the past, and you think that they've changed. Chances that you have a lot in common now are small, and as soon as you've added them you instantly regret having them on your list.
The interessting twist is when you discover that they requested you out of curiousity only, and as soon as they have found out of you've gained weight, look different, have a baby, where you live now ot if your "still a freak", they've deleted you even before you got the chance to delete THEM.

Usually no real friendship, but simply a person you want to stay in touch with for your own benefit. Purely business. No more said.

You know them, but not really. But that's OK. You hang in the same crowd normally or in certain hobby situations, and it would seem unnatural and rather rude to deny a friend request. Very good for the jungle drum.

This is a friend who has thousands of friends! They often claim that they are truly real friends with all of them, but you know that's not possible, because as soon as you try to make contact they don't have the time to talk or simply don't answer. However, this can be a person who still used unreal amount of time to update their status. You'll always know what they're up to, but they'll never know anything about you.

Usually a Facebook friendship that has started because of a shared hobby or interesst. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and sometimes it is. Maybe you'll actually build a friendship, but most of the time it just ends up being another person on your list.

It may be true that you've lost most of the contact, and even your shared interessts, but it would seem completely unnatural not to have that person on the list, and you hope for a chance to see them again soon and set a new spark to that old friendship.

They contact you politely and introduces themselves. Who they are (?), where they come from, and that of course, for no particular reason but, "and oh - by the way! I'm single!".
They of course think you very beautiful and interessting and would like to get to know you better. Maybe they could even come to visit? Hm? Maybe you could help them with their Visa?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A painters silence.

Yes. Very artistic. Very.
But the fact is that I'm too artistic to be anything else these days. There will be an exhibition in about a month that I'm part of, and I really want to have my painting done by then. So I'm pretty much painting during all my free time to finish it. This painting in particular is one I've worked on since 2007 I think, so it's about time to put it on a wall soon.
It's probably the biggest and most ambitious painting I've ever done, so I'm quite nervous about it.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Barbecue for my Star Wars gang.

Today I've had a really good time with my Star Wars friends. Simo and I went to a 501st member's place for a barbecue and some fun. After a long debate back and forth between taking the motorcycle or not since it kept raining now and then, we decided to take it. On the way ofcourse it started to rain again, and without gloves, the raindrops felt like a chinese water torture on my hands! However, I was still able to walk, talk and eat when we arrived, and we got homemade burgers and I served my Star Wars cookies.

After the food we had some fun taking promo pictures of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers to be used with our trooping. When they were taking pictures, the kids in the neighbourhood discovered that they had THE Darth Vader in their backyard!!! Ofcourse they were like "WHAT?!" and started yelling and mkessing around, but safely from a distance.
When Simo started to walk slowly towards them with two Stormtroopers behind, I could see in their eyes that they were trying to figure our if it was a good idea to stay put or to get the hell outta there. They stayed. Ofcourse then they followed us and came into the garden and Vader had to show them who is boss.

August. Life.

August is one of those months a year that MEANS something. Usually it's a new start, sort of new years. I guess this comes from all those years in school, the end of the summer and the beginning og a new semester.
August means many new things to me. A new semester in kindergarden has started, with new children and parents. I have to work hard on my painting to finish it for the exhibition in september. I have to make my new Padme (Star Wars) costume and finish it before november. I have to go to the gym to be fit for the costume.