Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Route 66 Episode 2 INDIANA and ILLINOIS!

Great weekend!

Last weekend was great, and quite busy. Like I already wrote, I was a make-up model on friday (and yesterday as well) and later that evening Simo and I went to Amarillo, Helsinki (NOT Texas) to meet up with the Nordic Garisson and Nordic Base for the yearly gettogehter and dinner. We had a great time, and eventhough my new false eyelashes that I had decided to keep on for show kept bothering me, I managed just fine. We even had a cake perfect for the situation! After so much food that I didn't manage to eat even half of it, we were also presented with Han Solo chocolates that were pretty good. All in all a great evening with my great gang!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Make-up model.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. I got up early to be a make-up model for a friend who goes to make-up school. It was fun - she wanted to make a 60's look and I have to say that I think I could get away with it if I lived in the 60's. She did great make-up and hair, and when she was finished there was a proffessional photographer there and we had a little photo shoot. It was fun. =) I will post the pictures here when they are done.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

HIAA annual exhibition 2012

So the time has come again for the annual exhibition of my art group HIAA in Helsinki. I have 4 paitings this year, and I'm quite happy with them. I was also working with another, but with the terrible drilling going on here, I haven't really been able to finish it. What was amazing this year was that there were SO many people at the opening. That was great to see. Also, the different art styles of the artists was vast. That's one of the things I love about this group. Here's a little video I shot from the vernissage yesterday.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Off to Tampere to troop!

Yesterday a bunch of guys in a veeeery full nerd-mobile came and picked me up in the early morning. We all headed to Tampere in Finland, to troop at a BR Toys store in a big shopping mall there. It was a really good troop, with a very good gang of troopers, and I have to say that the day went fast. Having fun. For some reason this day, I was surrounded by Frenchmen. By the store there was a french boulangerie stand, with great Pain of Chocolat I have to say, and the people were ACTUALLY authentic french! OMG! One of the two guys spoke ok english, and when I said I was french and explained that I dont speak that well though, since I've lived in Norway all my life, the conversation went well still. After a little while a group of guys came around our trooping area. They must have been Star Wars fans 'cause they got really exhited when they saw us, and one of them wanted a picture with me. Again, they were french, and again the one guy spoke ok english. But with both of these french meetings, they got really mute and lost all their english as soon as I had some trouble of my own with my french. That's a pattern I've seen before. If you don't say anything, they will try their best to speak english and it's actually all ok, but as soon as you've said that you know french, the language will simply fly out of the mind. Voila.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


First of all, I have to admit that I'm not a huge James Bond fan. I enjoy it from time to time though, and with a boyfriend who is sort of a fan, I have been forced to watch most of them, hehe. But I have to say that this was one of the ones that I rather ejoyed, and actually, eventhough a Bond is a Bond is a Bond film, I wasn't bored. I think Javier Bardem kinda saved it though, because his wicked looks and great acting is a rather interesting mix that we don't see too much from Hollywood these days. So thumbs up to Javier. The one thing that DID throw me off though, was not only the non-existing motivation for the young black colleague of Mr. Bond coming on this him with VERY naughty ideas, (as always Mr. Bond), but the fact that in the end of the movie she introduces herself as "Moneypenny". Yes, I have seen enough to know that she is not super-young, not black and certanly not one of Mr. Bond's easy girls, and I have to say that that was very unsexy. Not sexy, Bond. Not sexy.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fun 4 Kids!

On saturday (yep, yet another late blogpost), I FINALLY got to troop again with the Nordic Garrison and Nordic Base! It has been way too long, I think my last troop was in june. So I put on my Padme Arena Battle outfit and headed to the shoppingmall "Kamppi" in Helsinki where the troop was gonna be. Fun 4 Kids was a day especially for the children, and the shoppingmall was full of other characters from children films and so on, and I have to say I felt quite at home. Again we were trooping with UNICEF and again we had lots of people coming by to take pictures with us. Even UNICEF loves us, hehe! After hanging out there for a while, I was happy to see my favourite children musicians in the booth next to us "Arne Alligator"! It's a Finnish-Swedish band for children, with an alligator as the main character. Yes. I've worked in a kindergarden for years. I think they're catchy. As always it was a wonderful troop, and eventhough it was called Fun 4 Kids, it trued out to be great fun for adults (me) as well. I can't wait for this upcoming weekend when we will troop in BR Toys in Tampere, 2 hours from Helsinki.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cirque du Soleil!

So monday was the big day, and we were all very exhited to see Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour that we've been waiting for so long. The day started bad for me though, with "Trololo" packed up i my head, with NO chance of ever getting out, and I sung it in my mind seriousely the whole day. So we decided to go shopping a littlebit before meeting up with the other Michael Jackson fans at the new Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, and walked around the center. At one point I lost my cool and sang "TROOOOOOOOOOLOLOLOOOOOOOOOOOO" REALLY loud in one of the corridors of the shopping mall we were at. Then a guy passed me and sang right back at me: "LOLOLOOOOOOOOO"! It was so funny! Trololo communication! So after some shopping we went to meet the others for dinner. Eventhough Hard Rock Cafe is too expensive, I really like their starters and salads. And of course we were all there to see the new merchandise they had with Michael; a mask made for the Thriller music video. Being that we were around 30 crazy MJ fans there and made a racket everytime they played him on their TV, they naturally loved us, and played him as much as they could. Some of the girls even had a little dance show when Thriller came on and it was quite an audience there. What a great night already. Full and happy, we headed to the arena for the show, and eventhough the seats where really close to the stage, we were a bit dissapointed by how difficult it was to see. The show in itself I have to say gave me mixed feelings. The start to me was a bit slow, and I was wondering when the show was gonna start really...it had some beautiful parts about Neverland and his childhood though, that I really liked. Hege and Ann-Iren was taking some innocent pictures, and it wasn't long until a nazi-guard came lurking, flashing a flashlight straight into our eyes, giving us a rude awakening from the show. Our innocent "we don't speak Finnish" might have saved us. After the break, I felt like the show picked up, and I have to say that my favourite parts were in this one. The audience EVEN got up and danced by request of the dancers on stage, much to my surprise, this being a Nordic Country, and you should NOT GET UP DURING ANY SHOW UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! All in all, it was a well put together tribute and many tearful moments for many of us. Worth seeing. Here is the trailer from the show.

Calm sunday.

On sunday there wasn't much to do. I had made myself clear and forced my friends to watch "The Three Musketeers", the 1973 version by Richard Lester, as I haven't seen it for awhile and have a tendency to get a mild freak out if I don't watch it. So we went for a long walk with Milla in the morning, around the golf court before planting our asses on the sofa. We walked past the little small pet cemetary that makes everyone else but me upset, and noticed that there is two more pets buried there from last time. After an order of pizza that seemed to take forever, we spent pretty much the whole day crammed up infront of the huge projected film of "Thee Three Musketeers". All for one and one for all!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Trololololo party!

Yes, this was supposed to be a Michael Jackson Immortal party, but ended up being a Trololo party! A few MJ friends came over to watch the Bad Tour that has FINALLY come on DVD (yes, we nerds have waited a LONG time for this) as well as just having a nice evening meeting before the show in monday. As I do very often when I have the power of YouTube in my hand, and an audience, some video's might show up. And nothing is better that a projector to screen these on your big white wall. I thought. We ended up watching the famous Trololo song and that might not have a been a good move, because it seemed to me that I would have this song on my mind CONSTANTLY for the next few days. Normally I would say DON'T WATCH IT, but for those of you who haven't seen it and have no idea of what I'm talking about, here you go (trololo): After Trololo, we decided to go out and party at Apollo-trollo, and to our delight it was Halloween! So meeting up with our fellow friend, MJ fan and zombie Mia wasn't so weird. It was a great evening!

Coming home...

So on friday (yes, it's a few days ago) Milla and I headed back to Finland for a little while. We also had Hege and Ann-Iren with us, since we we're all gonna enjoy the Cirque de Soleil's Michael Jackson Immortal show on monday. It was nice to take flight that was a bit later in the evening, since I had been to the exhibition the day before, and Mammy and I decided to sleep over at Henrik's place in Oslo before going home to pack! Milla wasn't very happy to go into the cage before the flight... ...but she sure was happy to come home to Daddy!

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Thrill of Michael Jackson exhibition.

The paintings I've been working on lately, that has been keeping me away from you all, was a totally worth it! Yesterday I had my first Michael Jackson exhibition in Oslo, at Edderkoppen (Spider) Theatre, for the premiere of the show "The Thrill of Michael Jackson. It was a great experience, lots of people and much to see! Since this was the premiere, it was lots of people and a buffet and premiere party after the show. I didn't get any immediate sales, but lots of interest, and even a little article in the best newspaper in Norway for art as well as a little film clip on TV. Great success! With Norwegian radio hosts and actors, and fellow Michael Jackson fans Erlend Klarholm Nilsen and Stein Johan (Steinjo) Grieg Halvorsen.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween - again, and I headed to the theatre that my ggranmother work at to get some interesting props. I was gonna help Ann-Iren with the Halloween party for her daughter and friends, and of course I coulnd't stay away from the oppurtunity of scaring a few kids. I dressed up as a confused "russ": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russ which means I has devilhorns on my head as well as angelwings. I was gonna be a devil woman first, but figured it would be too cold considering the snow that hhas fallen lately. The kids didn't want to have any grown ups with them on their trick or treating, so that was my chance to get into the coffin that we had borrowed from the theatre as a table, and jump up from it when they came back. Man did I scare the s*it out of them!! It was so fun. That was an adrenaline kick for the whole year of 2013 if you ask me!