Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oh, the bus-stories...

Not long ago, my friends with two children, Simo and I went to snow sleighing in a street near the forest. I stood at the foot of the hill, making sure that there were no cars coming by, even though it was two days after Christmas and not that much traffic. Suddenly a bus comes towards me and stops. The bus driver starts waving to me, and I move away since I though that it was what he meant. Suddenly my friend comes rushing down on his sleigh and hurries to move his car that apparently stood in the way for the bus driver. The bus driver around a little house there and stops next to us and open the door. Then he yells at us: "Don't you understand that you can't park in the middle of a roundabout?!" We answered that there was no roundabout sign nor bus stop sign so we didn't know there was one. He continues repeating himself and we just say that we're sorry and that we moved the car, so no problem. But he wasn't finished. He continues screaming to us, and so I couldn't help myself and asked why he's so angry? "You didn't get any Christmas gifts this year", I asked. He sort of ignored me and concentrated more on my friend who was a guy. He finally closes the bus door and starts slowly driving away, but at the exact same moment, my friend does a waving gesture to indicate "go away" and that's when all hell brakes lose! The bus driver backs up, opens the door and scream: "Are you chasing me away? ARE YOU CHASING ME AWAY?!" We tell him to leave and he just gets angrier and angrier, and opens the little door by his seat and tries to scare us with going out of his seat and launch at us. Thankfully he was too fat to do so and just looked silly standing there yelling "What? WHAT?!" at us. So I tell him that we can't have bus drivers like him and that I will make a complaint to the bus company about him. That seems to be the clue to make hi continue on his way. So true to my word I write a long complaint explaining all this in details to them. I have never made a complaint before and won't do it until I think it's worth it. They answer that they will go through the complaint and answer in a little while. So two days ago I get this answer, where they tell me that they have spoken to the driver and that he has a completely different story with details that they have to take into consideration, including cars in front and behind his that got frustrated because we had parked there and other peoples complaint about us. They added that this was probably a "special situation" and thought that the driver had reacted in a wise and safe manner to make sure that it didn't go any further. WHAT?! I was shocked by this reply. The truth was that there were no other cars in front of behind him, and except for one passenger, there were no other people than us in the area. So how could the driver have gotten several complaints about us? I told them that I was very disappointed by their arrogant reply and that there were no respect to get from their company. I got another reply from another person there who said she was sorry about that and made a mistake telling me about the meeting with the bus driver. She also said that the problem they are having is that our stories are so far apart. Of course they are. I wouldn't expect anything else I told her that if it would help, I have 5 witnesses to what happened o my side, ad he might have his passanger. If it would help. Then she replied that they would contact me if they needed to. So this is what it's become. Don't bother to tell any company if your concerned about an employee or your own safety. You're only a customer.

Back to the groooove!

So I know that this is something that almost everybody does after christmas; The Diet. The Gym. I take pride in the fact that I'm no stranger to the gym, nomatter what time of the year it is. 5 times a week? You got it. However, I've been eating lots of sweets lately I've noticed. Still, going to the gym does not make it OK, and a lot of people don't get this. I remember the time I used to go to the gym and straight to Mc. Donalds afterwards because I could then, and I deserved it. Wrong. So wrong. So Simo and I made a really good salad yesterday, french Salade Nicoise, wth tuna, beans and olives and lots of goodies. Super good!

...but who's counting?

Simo, Henrik and I went to bowling the other day. They have a great offer here, that if you bowl from 3 rounds and upto 12, it cost only 150 Norwegian Kroner (ca. 20 Euro) nomatter how much you play from that point on. So we decided to try to pass 3 rounds to make it as cheap as possible. I've noticed that when I play, I tend to be good in the beginning and have a time when I'm really bad because of getting tired before getting back into the groove. Simo has found his groove and is pretty good. He won. I came second and Henrik was last. When Henrik figured out this fact, he started counting the speed of the bowling ball instead of the actual score. So with all this, there were a few interesting "fly balls" as I might call them as well as a few "smash balls". After finishing the game, we decided to play pool and that went a bit better...until a bunch of kids came to the table next to us to play, and the flying balls starting appear again. This time pretty fast, and too close to our heads.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Speed painting video!

Hi guys! Here you can see the speed painting video of "During the Break" that I showed you a few days ago. Enjoy, and please subscribe to my new channel. =)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Busy bee...

I haven't written much on this blog this year. I've been a BAD bee! No, really, I've been busy painting to be honest. I just finished a self portrait, and I'm working on another painting now. I haven't put this painting on my website yet ( because I need my photographer to take some good shots of it first. I'm also creating a new YouTube channel only with/about my art. It will have speed paintings, general art talk and so on concerning my art, and I will share that as soon as I've got it set up.

Winter Wonderland.

It truly is a winter wonderland in Norway. While I helped my little brother practicing his driving, we had to stop in the freezing cold a couple of times to get some beautiful shots of the nature. Eventhough it's cold, I love winter when it's real, and not sloppy.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! So it's the 1st of January, the day when everyone starts over and will be "good" and all that. However, I've always felt like the 1st is too early to be good. You've already been bad during the 1st so why not start the 2nd? I for one have just been so tired after yesterday that I've just been taking it easy wasting time on YouTube and such. But the party yesterday was nice. Simo, Milla and I spent the evening/night at my friend Ann-Iren's house and were offered great food and company. The guys got this great idea to make some MORE noise in the hours of new years eve night and decided to shoot with some air riffles... I love the combination of guns, alcohol and children. Yep. As the guys were being macho, the girls decided to have a panic-eating frenzy as the last day of real pleasure by candy and snack. I think I went a bit overboard. But jokes aside. It was a great evening with friends that I love. As none of us are crazy boozers we ended up with a pretty quiet an uneventful yet cozy evening, halfway watching "The Mummy Returns" and "Elling" on TV. But the craziness was still present.