Saturday, 21 June 2014

Legoland Day 0.

A little bit late blogpost again, but I've been working very hard on a painting lately for a deadline. But anyways...last weekend was the yearly troop at Legoland in Denmark, and like every year so far, I had so much fun! I was a little bit worried about my cold, since I've been so much sick lately, so I decided to bring my Packing Gown costume in stead of the Arena Battle outfit that I've had before. The Packing Gown is always nice and snug and a perfect outside costume in my opinion. But of course, the weather had to be the best we've ever had this year, and so I was pretty hot - you know, warm. most of the time. But better that way that cold anyway. But first things first...the day before, I arrived in Copenhagen at around 8:00 after deciding to spend the night at the airport in Helsinki, since my flight was so early anyway. I don't mind, I got to finish a boring book I wouldn't have otherwise finished (The Kite Runner). I met up with my friends and fellow travel mates Nicky and Mathias and we picked up the car we had hired from Avis. I was the only one with a drivers licence (as usual) and so I have to admit that I was pretty spooked in the beginning by this car, that felt more like a rocket ship than anything else...seriousely, I almost didn't have to do ANYTHING to drive this thing! At some point it almost got to be a problem, as I was so bored and got so tired that we had to pull over for a espresso and ice cream. Arriving in Legoland after a few hours, we got into out cabin. Then I joined the very eager group of troopers that were walking around the park and hotel/restaurant areas to promote the Star Wars weekend to come. After the small troop we all went to a restaurant and ordered some ribs and things and went back to the cabins to eat. The food was so-so, but good enough. Of course the company was even better.

Friday, 20 June 2014

New Michael Jackson drawing video!

Check out this drawing that I made for a friend as a surprise!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Monday, 9 June 2014

Late birthday party 2.

On Saturday after the Aerosmith concert I invited some friends over to celebrate my birthday - again. I have to admit that I didn't feel so feel though, and had a really soar and hoarse throat after the night before. At the time, I though that was what it was, not knowing that I was actually getting sick. We had a good time watching some Michael Jackson videos and eating brownies, and as usual, talk, talk and talk. We were planning to go out originally, but decided not to when I didn't feel so good. I got a great gift; a huge book with letters of some famous personalities! I love that kinda stuff. From Hege I got one of my best gifts ever; Stevie Wonder concert tickets!!

Aerosmith concert!

FINALLY I saw one of my favourite bands of all time; Aerosmith! They were here in Helsinki a few years ago, and I remember in my agony of the high ticket price I decided not to go. I regretted it so much later that I promised to myself that if I ever had the chance to see them live again (they are OLD) I would not do the same mistake twice. So I was overjoyed when I heard they were coming back to Finland, and my friends Laura and Hege decided to go together. Hege came from Norway to spend that long weekend with me, for the concert and a lat birthday celebration on Saturday. So on Friday, the day of the concert, we went a bit earlier to the center to do some shopping before meeting Laura and another friend of mine who has been my pen pal since the 90's to eat before hitting the concert. I was hoping to find a really cool Aerosmith hoodie for women at the concert, but I didn't, so ended up not buying anything else than a Coke. We were disappointed to see that after such expensive tickets, there was a HUGE speaker blocking our view completely to the screen on the stage. We were also seated quite high and far from the stage, so in reality we didn't really see anything. There was a speaker on the other side also, so I think there were quite many people who were robbed from their view. That sucked. The concert in itself was cool of course, so much so, that Laura, Hege and I stood up from our seats most of the time dancing. It's just a freakin' rule in Finland it seems to act as unimpressed as possible during any show (Steven Tyler even commented on it suring the show), so we felt we had to liven up the crowd a little. All in all, a great concert, and I had a pretty hoarse voice for a couple of days after!


So I've been pretty much sick since I got the Impetigo a while ago...I was on antibiotics for it and I guess my immune system collapsed or something, because as soon as I got off it I got really sick with a terribly sore throat and coughing. I've pretty much been like that for a week, while a tiny bit high on coughing medicine. My last week pretty much looks like this: I haven't been painting, I haven't been drawing, and as always when I've been sick, I've tried to relax, but felt really guilty about it. Let me now try to make up for my guiltyness with updating some of the last events here...why? Because I HAVE TO!