Monday, 14 July 2014

Speed Painting Viking Chief.

Here is my new painting! I'm very happy with it!

Stevie Wonder concert!

When Hege, Laura and I went to the Aerosmith concert, we saw that Stevie Wonder was gonna come to Helsinki in July for a festival. I was sad that I couldn't afford it at that time, and Hege gave me the wonderful birthday gift of a ticket! I was so happy as he is one of the very few artist that I have on a very short list of who I want to see live in concert. And I wasn't disappointed... As you might see on the picture, we were pretty far in front and saw very well. We were lucky enough that be able to get that spot, when people moved around a lot during the shows - it was a festival. Of course the other bands where more like warming up bands for Stevie Wonder. The area had lots of food and stuff and it was pretty nice actually. I haven't stood at a concert for years (because I'm so short), but this was no problem. I think also the crowd was mellow although very excited also. Stevie was in a really good mood, cracking lots of jokes and messing with us. It was fun how he made us his "Stevie Wonder Choir of Helsinki" and a lot of the concert was sing a long. That made it very personal and he had a great way to connect with his audience. It was very interesting to see him move and how he gets around on stage without help. A few times he needed it, but his whole face changed when he had to get from A to B and you saw his concentration. He did all his big hits of course, and even some other songs not of him, which I think is really cool. It was definitely a night that I will never forget!

Bye bye Nice!

The last day in Nice was a day of panic shopping for friends and family as well as trying to relax (after shopping). We pretty much walked around in the old town looking for suitable gifts and things - I bought a table cloth, since Simo is always embarrassed by the state of our dining table which I use as my painting table...I also ended up with a nice antique ring after hanging out in an antique store. We decided to go to bed kinda early, as we've had some trouble sleeping with all the crazy football people hollering in the streets and things. Also we had to get up at 6.00 in the morning to make our flights the next day. So long Nice - for now.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Meeting friends in Nice!

The day after we came back from Monaco we planned to meet a friend of mine, Dennis. When I wrote on Facebook that I was going to Nice, he was like "me too" and we had hung out together at Legoland just the weekend before. Fun! So we met him by the beach and showed him around a bit, since he had never been to Nice. His family were also there as his brother was going to run the Ironman triathon type of thing...incredible! So we walked around the main sights by the old town, up to the Chateau and checking out the narrow streets. We were all a bit disappointed that after the hot and steep walk "up the mountain" to the Chateau, it was nothing more than the smallers of ruins, barely visible. Ah well, we cooled down by the waterfall on the way down. We ended up in the Old Town again, walking around before we decided to get some goodies from a chinese take away place. We bough a bunch of goodies and headed home to relax and eat before Dennis had to go back home. All in all a really nice and relaxing day.

Daytrip to Monaco!

We decided early on that we would take the bus ride costing 1.50 Euro to Monaco. You can't miss that can you? We got up early on the 25th of June and went towards the bus station, grabbing breakfast nearby and on the go. The bus station was PACKED. We actually didn't get on the first bus and so we waited for the next. When we were in the line and almost entering the bus, some rude guy came sneaked in front of us. I said to him to move and kinda made a deal about it (all people were irritated by it) and he completely ignored it. When he was going to get on the bus, there were travel guides of some sort there for questions and such, and I told them he was sneaking. It because a big deal and they stood arguing with him for quite a while until he got to the back of the line. We sat down and as the people got on and we looked outside, we saw that the he did the same thing again. Of course nobody did anything, and this time he got on. Oh, and sat down next to us. Aaaaakward... So the trip to Monaco was really nice. Lots of nice scenery and nature. It was a little bit difficult to know when to get off so we went a bit too far and had to walk a bit back by the road and the beach, something I didn't mind as I like to walk and see things. After checking the water temperature on this small beach, we continued walking and found a much bigger one where there were restaurants and small shops. We had a tasty luch there - chevre salad, and got the first shock of the prices. But then again - not worse than Norway really. We continued on our journey, and the closer we got to the center of Monte Carlo, the more shocked we were by it's appearance. It was messy - buildings being build everywhere, and not it it's right place it seemed. Lots of expensive designer stores everywhere, and ugly dirty high buildings in the mix of it. The ghetto meets Dior. Everywhere. The only place that looks nice was the royal palace on the hill and that's where we headed. Up there it was green and flowery...and clean. We checked out the palace and the "old town" that was similar to the one in Nice, but MUCH more touristy, with t-shirts and fridge magnets. We headed to the Oceanographic Museum. It cost 14 Euros to get in. It was pretty cool to see, but I wasn't very impressed with the small space the animals seemed to have. In Monaco, I expected more. Don't know why really. We decided to head home. We found the bus stop, and again the bus was so full that we didn't get a spot on it, so we had a drink at the cafe next to it before getting a place on the next one. All in all an interesting day, and don't regret it, but I don't think I will go to Monte Carlo again. Not impressive.

It's nice in Nice!

So I believe this was out 3rd day and I had another museum I wanted to drag my friends to. This is probably my favourite museum there and is simply the Museum of Fine Arts. We walked down to the beach promenade in the morning and took it quite easy on the way to the museum, and looked at the people and fun. When we arrived to the museum, we were again so warm that it was wonderful to enter the cool museum. This museum has art from many eras and is definitely one that I like to spend some time in. We went through every room of art and used our time to stay cool and enjoy the art. A truly inspirational place for me. Before we left, we took the time to visit the garden, where many people just hang out and enjoy the weather We headed towards the Russian Cathedral, but found it closed, so we went to eat nearby instead at a really lovely and tasty Moroccan restaurant called La Goulette. We then continued on our journey, walking the streets of Nice, seeing really cool things, like art and statues all around! I love it! The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art:

Sightseeing in Nice!

We headed out the second day of being in Nice, and although the most common way to go would be to the left out the front door, towards the beach, old town and markets, we went up towards the real city, to the right. I had been to these museums before and thought I could lead the way. We started by visiting a really beautiful church on the way. Then we continued, walked under the reailroad tracks and got lost in the reality of a town and it's streets. After a Coke and some guidance from a nice shop owner, we were on the correct route again and headed towards the Chagall Museum. I got a really nice surprise when I got in for free because I'm an artist. It was so hot (37 C) that when we arrived we headed strait to a cool cinema in the museum, showing a documentary about Chagall. The exhibition was really nice. Although it's not completely my cup of tea, I can really appreciate his boldness for colour. After we had gone through the whole museum we went to the small restaurant in the garden there for lunch. We continue on our route and ended up at the Matisse and Archaeological Museum a little higher up. We first went to see Matisse, and quite frankly, none of us were very impressed (thank God it was free admission!). We felt the need to cool down our disappointment and took a drink at a small cafe on the site. We went on with the sightseeing by checking out the archaaelogical museum which was some buildings, mainly a small amphi theatre and bath house left there by the Romans a long time ago. It was actually a really cool sight, and I highly recommend it. With good weather and some cool lighting it also a perfect place to take some good photographs. The theatre arena was small, but very cool. When we were ready to leave, we took the opportunity to explore the streets a little before heading home. We were pretty high up as we saw, and so we walked towards the harbour a little to check out an area we hadn't been to. We got so tired in the end by the heat and such a busy day, that we ended up having a drink at a cafe there before heading home.

Going to Nice, France.

A little over two weeks ago, my friend Hege, her cousin Susanne and I went to Nice France. I have been there once before like 5 years ago, and was really looking forward to going back. I landed earlier than the others, and waited at the airport, having a REAL french croissant for breakfast. When we were all in the appartment we stayed in, we unpacked and decided to have an easy day, trying to get to know the town a little. We went to the old town and had...PIZZA! After that we walked around a bit and headed up "on the mountain" as we started calling it, towards the Chateau. There is a graveyard next to it, and for us "protestants" it's quite a sight to see. It really had some beautiful monuments, although a little bit packed. We headed back down again and just wandered the narrow streets of the "old town". Truly a beautiful place, although quite touristy in some areas. If you get to know it, you can really find those stores that are different and special. We decided to get an early rest so that we could get up the next day for some museum sightseeing.

Legoland Day 2.

So day 2 had begun and we met up a little bit later. This day was as hot as the one before, but it seemed a bit more flexible somehow. I noticed that my hair gave me a little bit of a heatstroke and I had to take many breaks today. The day started out in the park though, at the entrance with Leia among others. Since this was the day we were gonna leave back home, it was in a way a bit stressful. Every year I have left on the Monday after, but this time we had hired a car for Sunday. So I took it a bit easy this day and tried to rest a bit in some shadow when I felt tired from the sun. This was also a good time to get some cool pictures taken. As I was hanging with my squad in the park, we all decided that we needed to check out some of the rides before it was too late. We took the new ghost house (which wasn't very scary), and some other minor rides. Hanging in the lines with surprised kids is always the best! At one point one of the guys working on the ride got so exhited he jumped into the ride and joined us! We had to leave around 16.00. We quickly said our goodbyes and were on our way back to Copenhagen airport. We didn't stop much on the way back, as I in particular didn't want to risk being late too much. We arrived in good time, and I even had some time on the airport. Again a really cool year at Legoland! Can't wait for next year, and possible new costumes?

Legoland Day 1.

After a short sleep we got up for the early meeting in the big tent on the Legoland grounds. Breakfast, a brief meeting and changing into our costumes as a yearly ritual before hitting the park. This year it was really hot, and first I thought I had done a big mistake bringing the Packing Gown costume. In the end, it wasn't the costume in itself that was the worst heat source, but the HAIR. Once the day started, I discovered that this year was really packed! Lots of people and lots of fun! And of course lots of wonderful costumes! We even had a Luke Skywalker this year! The troop went well, although in my opinion, we had a too tight schedule this year. We were set to troop and be out and about pretty much all the time, except for our lunch time and some time to change and things. I was hoping to be able to take some rides and things, but we didn't really have the opportunity. I understand that we're hired by Legoland and getting free stay and food, but after all, we all have to get there, pay for our own transport etc. My friend Anna (who's Leia) and I decided to take a break and grab an ice cream though. That was a good idea as it was so hot. Unfortunately I can't really take all my costume off though, like my hair, because it takes so long to get back on, so I got quite a few looks in the ice cream line... After the troop, we all headed back to our cabins and changed before heading up to the Castle for our annual dinner there. I decided to wear Black Milk Artoo dress (naturally) and since they always proudly say that ANYONE can wear their clothes, Nicky, decided to do just that! It was of course all quite entertaining.